Choosing the best baby crib – Need to know basics first time mom

Choosing the best baby crib – Need to know basics first-time,mom

The baby crib is an important decision for you and your baby. Factors that need to be taken into consideration; size, color, price, and safety. Being a first-time mom I know how important it can be to choose all the must-have products for you and your baby. Buying the portable crib, cradle and the crib was a hard decision because I did not where to start. I bought all times items before bringing her home.

The size of the crib is very important because you need to have enough space to be able to carry your baby in the same room to feed him, carry him, and share the most time possible with him. While at the same time you need to think about the facts like is my baby to have is own room or being on my room or living room. If so the crib must be smaller or must be a portable crib. I will advise a portable crib. It depends on your nursery space you have available and your goals.

Let’s understand in more detail what I am talking about here.

Standard Baby Cribs

There are standard baby cribs that are your cheapest option, there are all colors and styles available. Standard cribs come with four fixed sides and slats. Also, standard cribs are practical and can fulfill your expectations.  Don’t let the “standard” name fool you, these baby cribs come in many different styles to suit your nursery.


  • Generally, the cheapest type of baby crib available.
  • Simple sturdy construction
  • Long lasting.


  • Lacks the features of other baby cribs
  • Not easily moved from one position to another
  • It will not work for a more than 24 months baby because your baby grows too fast.
  • The most complete crib and the one that will last the longest.


The Convertible crib

Also known as lifetime cribs, convertible cribs are designed to grow with your baby. The logic behind the name is that these cribs can convert into one or more different types of furniture. The most common conversions include:

  • Standard crib
  • Daybed
  • Toddler bed
  • Single or twin sized bed

Convertible cribs are commonly expressed as ‘number-in-1′ where the number specifies the different combinations that this crib can transform into. A convertible crib that can turn into all the above combinations, for example, would be referred to as a 4-in-1 convertible crib

Be mindful that you may need to purchase a conversion kit to transform your crib into the single or twin sized bed. Since you will be turning your crib into a bed years from now, it makes sense to purchase the conversion kit at the same time as your baby crib.


  • Cost-effective long-term bedding solution
  • Only one bed needed for the majority of your child’s life
  • Built to last
  • No trims or designs that can make the crib look dated as it ages


  • Generally more expensive than other baby cribs
  • May not fit with your future interior design
  • Hands-on work required to convert crib through it’s stages
  • Conversion kit has to be stored away for future use
  • Crib may wear out, making it unsuitable for later stage transformations

Portable baby crib

If you are short on space then you a portable baby crib may be just the solution you need. The ability to move a crib from room to room will make it easy for you to keep a watchful eye on your baby while completing household chores. Just make sure the crib will fit through your doorway.

A portable baby crib, also known as a folding crib is essentially a crib on wheels (casters). The wheels make moving the crib as simple as giving it a push. Once you have your baby crib in the desired position, you simply use the locks on each wheel to lock it into place. With the locks on, the baby crib will be unable to roll away.

One often overlooked point; you will need to take your flooring into account when looking for a portable baby crib. Wheels that glide effortlessly over carpet can scratch and damage wooden floors and vice versa. Buy choosing the correct wheels you will not only save your floor from damage but the crib will be easier to push around as well.


  • Great for houses with limited space
  • Allows you to easily keep an eye on your baby
  • Easy to carry around


  • Breaks need to be checked regularly
  • Fewer design choices than other cribs
  • Mattress still needs to be stored away when crib is folded up


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